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Seeds to Feed our Needs

Pure Harvest 122 is based at P.S. 122 Mamie Fay in the small but diverse Astoria community. The garden is run by the Academy for the Intellectually Gifted and Talented. The sixth, seventh, and eight graders work together to grow plants from the seeds, out into the beautiful fruits and vegetables that you will eat. We at P.S. 122 also strive in staying completely organic, buying perfect organic seeds. In the end we distribute the plants we grow to other people for them to grow, and to enjoy the food that they get from it. This plan has been a huge success as in the past year, we've distributed more than 200 plants to the public, mainly students. 

Everyone knows that food is necessary for all life forms to exist on Earth. However, many people never stop to consider where our food comes from. In fact, we think that is the most important issue in relation to our food supply. Wouldn't you want to know where your food comes from? If your answer is no, it is completely justified. You're probably confused now. You're probably thinking "Didn't you just say that the most important thing is where our food comes from? Why are you contradicting your statement?" Don't worry, you'll get your answers soon.

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