Nov 29, 2012

Heirloom Seed Companies

by Operation Pure Harvest 122

When we first started to plan our spring garden last year, all of our members agreed that we would only order and use heirloom seeds.  Despite the growing popularity of heirloom varieties, gardens and markets, we lack an official definition of what an heirloom seed is.  The following seems to be the simplest, clearest and most acceptable working example:

"So far, experts in the field agree that heirloom vegetables are old, open-pollinated cultivars.  In addition, these varieties also have a reputation for being high quality
and easy to grow."

From experience, Operation Pure Harvest 122 (OPH 122) knows how hard it is to do the research related to finding good seeds. We thought that it would be helpful to provide our readers with a link to reputable heirloom seed companies.
Click here to learn more about Heirloom Seeds

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