Apr 22, 2014

Container Gardening

by Natalie Sangngam


      Nature is all around us, yet we rarely get the chance to really experience it.  Americans only spend around 10% outside nowadays. We are constantly surrounded by four walls and distracted by technology, such as cell phones, laptops and tablets. People have a certain love for plants and nature; scientists call it biophilia. Many people aim to go out to the woods on weekends, but most people don’t have the time. However, there is a solution: container gardening.  

     Container gardening allows you to bring nature to you, instead of having to go out.  Container gardening is quite popular; in 2003, 3 billion dollars were spent on pots and container plants. Container gardening is used to bring nature into places where there usually wouldn’t be.  Plants can grow in almost anything, tires, rain boots, watering cans and more! If you have anything that can hold soil and let out excess water, you can container garden.  Letting out excess water is very important because the extra water can kill the plant.  Lastly, you need a place where the plants will receive sunshine.  Water, soil and sunshine are all you need.

1 comment:

  1. Tahseen,

    This issue of container gardening is so relevant for us as city dwellers. For most of us, our only vehicles available for planting are these containers. Additionally, given the huge amount spent in 2003 (I wonder what that amount is today?), I feel that you performed a service by pointing out the option of re-purposing resources such as the watering cans, barrels, etc.

    I wonder how people feel about the "tension" between resorting to this eco-friendly practice vs. the potential aesthetic loss?

    Vasilios (Bill) Biniaris