May 6, 2013

Mulching Neighborhood Tree's

by Mariadolores Alvarez

 P.S. 122Q is constantly providing its students with opportunities to work on interesting activities. On April 30, 2013, the Faculty Adviser of the gardening club, Mr. Biniaris, scheduled the day so that all of the eighth grade classes could go out to mulch trees in the neighborhood. This included mulching the trees around our schoolyard as well as the several trees running along the outer block of Astoria Park. It was an amazing experience to be able to learn about trees and how to care for them. Each class was divided into smaller groups, and each group worked on one tree after another, after another. Each group had to remove the trash, cultivate the soil around it, and add mulch to each tree. It was an amazing experience and everyone had fun. Kids had a great time!

They made memories and enjoyed their time. They were also quite playful, for example they once enjoyed their time by seeing who could remove the biggest rock. One student tells us, "I remember ending the day rushing to mulch and water a tree because we tried to remove the biggest rock we found that day." They had the whole group loosening soil around the rock for half an hour. Unfortunately, they had to leave without digging it out because of the lack of time.

As a result from their actions in mulching the trees, they will continue to prosper and grow to perhaps greater heights than we see today. A woman planted a garden under a bridge all on her own, and she wasn't part of any group! That amazed them even more. Overall, they enjoyed their experience and had a valuable experience they might not get at any other school.

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