May 1, 2013

The Ancient Egyptian Farmers

by Rifat Nur Islam

An Ancient Egyptian farmer

At first glance, gardening doesn’t sound too important. Well, that’s easy to understand. After all, now we can get all our food from the supermarket. Well, what did we do before there were any places we could buy foods? The history of mankind directly relates to planting. Hominids did not plant as we know it – they may have, but we do not really know. The first humans were hunter-gatherers. As the name suggests, they really just hunted and gathered for food in nature. The first real signs of what we call “gardening” was in the Neolithic era.  The humans during this time period domesticated plants and animals – thoroughly changing history forever. North American natives planted corn, beans, and squash. Asians planted rice. Soon so much food was produced there was a surplus. This made supporting more populations and civilizations easier. These civilizations grew to become the world nations we know of today. However, now we are moving farther from our custom of planting our own food. Modern humans now have stores of food supported by the government. The problem is that scientists artificially alter foods today to “make them better.” Preservatives, GMO, they are all in our food. Some people are trying to move back to natural grown foods, but the movement is slow. We should be amazed at how we humans are able to grow fruits and vegetables naturally ourselves for our own benefits.

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