Mar 12, 2013

The Brooklyn Grange Project

by Syeda Anjum

With spring on the way, the middle school students from P.S. 122Q switched clubs, meaning new members have joined our gardening club. Along with that new change came new volunteers from the Brooklyn Grange Farm. You many have saw their building while passing through Woodside; or you may not have. It's pretty cool how they literally built a farm on the roof of a building in the middle of a busy neighborhood in New York City. They went as far as putting actual chickens roaming the farm on their roof. We started to work with this program three weeks ago. For Week One, we started going over an introduction of what the Brooklyn Grange does and the general procedure of how our daily food products (all fruits and veggies) are shipped over to different states, particularly New York. Later the next week, we started discussing the various fruits, vegetables, and plants we wanted to grow in the beds we have here at school since, after all, spring is on its way. However, we also had to consider some factors such as the amount of space we had and which fruits would grow in the shortest amount of time. In short, it required a lot of planning. We also began to germinate various kinds of seeds as an insight of how gardening is and what obstacles we may or may not run into. Now, we're looking forward to see what it turns out to look like for next week.

Click here to grasp some more information of the Brooklyn Grange

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